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Cast iron products are near and dear to this homesteading mama. If you’ve been reading my blog or following me on social media then you probably already know this. Awhile back I wrote about the benefits of cooking with cast iron. And my cast iron products have grown, even from them. I started out with a cast iron skillet that was my daddy’s and I absolutely loved it. But I have realized you can’t stop there! So here is my list of awesome cast iron products for your homestead kitchen.

Awesome Cast Iron Products for Your Homestead Kitchen

Cast iron is going to last you for years, is naturally non-stick and so versatile; you use is stove top, in the oven and on the campfire. Not to mention, I think food just tastes better cooked in cast iron.

Winner winner chicken dinner! Oh yeah, it makes great chicken too.

Awesome Cast Iron Products for Your Homestead Kitchen

I’m going to recommend you stick with the Lodge brand. I’ve had some others and the quality is just lacking. I’ve never been disappointed with a Lodge Cast Iron product ever.

The Cast Iron Skillet 

If you are a newbie then this is where you start. I have several sizes for different needs but my go-to is my Lodge Cast Iron 15 inch skillet. If you think that 15 inch may be too much for you the 8 inch is a great pan too. My skillets are great for everything from frying eggs to a grilled cheese sandwich.

The Cast Iron Dutch Oven 

The next on your list should be a dutch oven. I can cook spaghetti sauce in it one night and roast a chicken in it the next. You definitely want the lid for increase your cooking options in the dutch oven. Now I love the pretty enamel ones but I haven’t found that I need to get one yet (and they’re pricey). My old old vintage style does the trick every time.

The Cast Iron Reversible Grill / Griddle 

Make some pancakes in the morning on the smooth side then burgers on the griddle side for dinner. I love when something I have is useful for more than one job and this is literally 2 pans in one. The reversible grill and griddle is great for pancakes, bacon, and lots of eggs; and you can get those good grill marks for steak, burgers and chicken. You do need to put this over two burners and if one is smaller than the other you’ll need to play with the heat to keep it all even.

The Cast Iron Biscuit Pan

I am surprised how many people don’t know about the biscuit pan. Sure you can make some wonderful biscuits in the pan, like my homemade drop biscuit recipe. But I also grease them up and make eggs – perfect for a breakfast sandwich. You can also make muffins, individual cakes and corn bread in this biscuit pan. Be sure to check out Lodge’s recipe for Mini Pineapple Upside Down Cakes that are made in this pan.

The Cast Iron Melting Pot 

Here we go again with dual purpose cast iron. This melting pot is great for melting butter and cheese but you can also use it to keep your bbq sauce warm as you grill or sauces for basting. Or how about keeping your syrup warm for waffles and pancakes? Oh yeah!

Lots to love about this little pot.

The Cast Iron Loaf Pan 

Whether you’re a bread baker or a meat loaf maker – it will taste better in a cast iron loaf pan. Great for a crispy on the outside loaf too, which is my favorite. And meat loaf cooks so evenly in cast iron.

You’ll be handing down these work horses to your grand kids!

Accessories for Your Cast Iron

Here are a few of my favorite cast iron accessories. These make cooking with and cleaning cast iron so much easier!

Cast Iron Cookbook – I got this one in my Homestead Box and I love it!

Handle Mitts – For your cast iron handles; easy on and off, washable.

Dutch Oven Tote – Great for traveling with your Dutch Oven.

Pan Scrappers – Aids in keeping your pans clean without scratching them up.

Griddle Scrappers – For cleaning your cast iron griddles.

There you have it, my list for the awesome cast iron products you need for your homestead kitchen. Did I miss your favorite cast iron product? Tell me in the comments!

On – 16 Sep, 2017 By Tiffany Davis

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