Barakah Heritage Farm

Land, Small Farm, Small Business and Agritourism Consulting

Over the past 20 plus years, we have set up and run farms ranging from 2 acres to 40 acres, on rocky hillsides, in the woods, on neglected overgrown properties and more.

We have set up, revised and honed websites, social media and all the processes of goat, horse and poultry keeping and gardening on these farms.

We have developed strategies to provide 5 star agritourism service and get the elusive and prized customer reviews online (one of the most challenging aspects of reviews is getting customers to click that review button).

As a team we have training or experience in soils, agriculture, wildlife conservation, permaculture and regenerative grazing, both domestic and overseas.

We can bring these years of experience to your small farm or agritourism project.


  • Land search
  • Land evaluation
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Business planning


  • Animal care
  • Agritourism startup
  • Social media & website strategies

All consulting billed at $20/hour

$100 upfront retainer – credited toward first 5 hours of work

Website & Social Media Design, Build, Maintenance

We recommend AGI for your social media and website work

Mention us and get 25% off your services from AGI

Schedule a FREE initial brainstorm today

Complimentary half hour phone consultation to jumpstart your project

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