Barakah Heritage Farm

Common Sense Wellness is the combination of Practical Principles and Practices

Practical – Common sense and practical approaches.  Respecting that resources and situations are different for everyone.

Principles – Broad-spectrum wellness knowledge. A lifetime of wellness study covering a wide range of mainstream and alternative topics for animals and people.  Based upon solid scientific research.  Intuition is respected, but never trumps science.  Acknowledging that there is much we do not know, and theories are not laws.  Correlation does not equal causation.

Practices – Wellness techniques to assist you and your animals. Nutrition, environment & equipment improvements, healthy soils, and firsthand experience.

Independent Distributor of Dynamite Nutritional Products.  The farm uses many brands.  Dynamite is usually our foundation.

The Energetic Goat, the first book written by Carrie Eastman.  Much has changed since its publication, take the energy testing contents with a grain of salt.

The Healing Of Horses, Carrie Eastman’s second book.  This book is the evolution of her healing studies, challenging some previous theories published in The Energetic Goat.  Take it with another grain of salt.  While it contains very helpful and valid content, wellness information continues to develop and Carrie no longer endorses some of the viewpoints in the book.

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