Barakah Heritage Farm
Our heritage Arabians

Safin n Niya and Bahiya Mizan are likely* the last two Arabians in the USA with an unbroken dam Jilfan Sitam al Bulad bloodline. Tradition traces bloodlines and subgroups of horses through the maternal (dam) bloodline back to the original clan and family that bred that strain. These horses have a mother’s bloodline that traces all the way back to Syria to the Jilfan Sitam al Bulad* (also spelled with other variations).
They may* also be one of the last  Jilfan Sitam al Bulad dam tail lines globally.

These are also very rare Early American Foundation Arabians. This means all their bloodlines come from horses imported into the USA before 1944. Truly American Arabians. There are fewer than 1000 Early American Foundation Arabians of any bloodline.

Finally, these are rare Malabar Arabians.   Malabars are a strain bred for rare black color, good size, strong bodies and above-average calm intelligent minds with strong empathy for humans. These are throwbacks to the original “live in your tent” Arabians from history. There are only about 200 high-percent Malabars remaining and only 3 active breeding farms.

*Purity and bloodlines in Arabians can be very subjective. There is debate (and politics) about the status of the Jilfan line.

All orientalist mythology aside (please see Remembering A Desert Horse), we value our Arabians for their practical qualities. Arabians are unusual. You have to meet them to fully appreciate just how much. They are conscious beings, intelligent, thoughtful, caring. Their empathy is very strong.  Our Malabars especially are strongly built, yet elegant and nimble, with good heavy bone, above-average height compared to the typical Arabian, and versatile minds and bodies.  Arabians are wonderful family horses that can excel in a variety of sports as well as working on the farm.

Come meet our rare Arabian horses!

Meet our rare Arabians and learn about our preservation program

Meet and pet our rare Arabian horses.  Learn the history of Arabians and of this rare subgroup.  Take one-of-a-kind pictures.

Our Teacher horses

The teacher team includes our rare Arabians plus our two American Quarter Horse mares Salty and Sugar and our pony Malenna.

Our donkey

Jasmine came to us from a donkey rescue.  You can hear more about her story on one of our tours.

Meet our herd

Meet our horses and donkey - Learn how they fit into our farm system

Meet all our horses and donkey – Niya, Bahi, Salty, Sugar, Malenna and Jasmine.  Learn their stories, and how they contribute to our working farm.

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