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Closed. No rabbits available in 2023.

Bunnies at Barakah Heritage Farm!

Heritage rabbits have been planned for the farm for a couple years now.  Rabbits, especially meat rabbits, have historically been a mainstay of small family farms and homesteads.  Many of these old heritage breeds are now gone, or critically endangered.   Today, while rabbits are still legally livestock, culturally they are now generally viewed as pets.  Rabbits rank in the top 10 most popular pets in the USA, just after reptiles, according to the AVMA.

We get a lot of young visitors here at the farm, and sometimes the educational tours are a bit much for those young attention spans.  Not to mention the goats are as big as the children, which can be intimidating.

The young family audience and our desire to work with a new heritage breed gave birth to Bunnyville.

We designed Bunnyville to be practical, for the humane production of sales rabbits on a natural home-grown diet, but also whimisical and charming for our visitors, both the young and the young-at-heart.

We first added a clan of very friendly pet Lionhead rabbits and their buddy a Mini Rex Lionhead cross.  We chose Lionheads for their adorable faces and very cuddly natures, generally appealing for tours and the pet rabbit market.

We then added a starter group of Checkered Giants, a very rare old heritage display breed, in June.  Checkered Giants got their name for the checkerboard pattern on their sides.  These rabbits come with black or gray (called blue) patterning, or in a sport phase of solid black or blue.  We are very excited to start working with this breed!

Add some gorgeous heritage or adorable modern bunnies to your family

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Email or phone/text 717.759.4242 for more information about our rabbits.

BONUS mentoring package included with your rabbit purchase

Learn side by side with us, as we enter the world of rabbit breeding, preservation and care.

  • Downloadable basic supplies list
  • Recommended books, videos and websites as we discover them
  • Weekly live Skype support call
  • Skype video evaluation of your rabbit setup

Guaranteed rabbit return & equipment resale!

If you are unable to keep your rabbit(s) for any reason, we will gladly take it or them back, no questions asked.  If you prefer to sell your rabbit, we will list it for you on consignment*  If you no longer need your equipment, cages or hutches, we will gladly sell them on consignment for you.*

This is not a refund.  Please do not give your rabbits away for free – they often end up euthanized at a shelter or fed to someone’s pet snake.  We will gladly take them back or resell them on consignment.

*10% sales commission on consignments

Need more information about our rabbits?

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email: or phone 717.759.4242

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