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Goats For Sale In South Carolina

Barakah Heritage Farm is expecting the first goat kids of 2024 in March.  Kids will be ready to leave for their new homes at 12 weeks old in June 2024.  We are located in Winnsboro, Fairfield County, South Carolina.  We sell kids for pets, breeding and showing.  We are not currently offering our goats for meat.

We specialize in two breed, Fainting or Myotonic goats and Golden Guernsey goats.  Fainting goats are a multi-purpose American heritage breed that excel at efficient meat production but also yield moderate amounts of rich milk and some have short-fiber cashmere.  Fainting goats are known for being docile, easier on fences and quiet.  Fainting goats have a very distinctive breed type that is based mostly on head and body conformation. They also have a muscle condition called myotonia congenita. This inherited trait leads to an overall increase in muscle mass so that the goats are very muscular when compared to other breeds of similar size. This trait is so distinctive that it is easy to confuse the trait with the breed. However, the Myotonic goat is much more than just a myotonic condition; it has a host of other consistent traits that are very important and need to be conserved for future generations.

Several important characteristics are typical of the breed:

  1. Docile temperament
  2. Myotonia congenita leading to stiffness and muscularity
  3. Abundance of high quality muscle
  4. Good adaptation to low-input forage-based feeding systems
  5. Genetic distance from other breeds such that crossbreeding yields great hybrid vigor.
  6. Easy kidders, excellent mothers, and twinning typical

Our second breed, Golden Guernsey goats are a rare endangered breed of dairy goat from Guernsey in the Channel Islands in the United Kingdom, where it has been known for more than two hundred years.  They are golden in color, and smaller and more fine-boned than many milking goats and are very docile and very friendly in comparison to other milking breeds.  Guernseys are exclusively for dairy production, producing an average yield of 6.97 pounds of milk per day with high butterfat and protein content (3.72% and 2.81%, respectively).

Several important characteristics are typical of the breed:

  1. Docile friendly temperament
  2. Good adaptation to low-input forage-based feeding systems
  3. Golden to reddish longer haircoat with gold skin tone
  4. Moderate milk production of higher protein and butterfat milk

Please note we are not expecting any Guernsey or Guernsey cross kids for sale in spring of 2024.

Additionally, we occasionally offer consignment sales of goats from other breeds, breeders, or assist our previous buyers with reselling goats purchased from our farm.  Please check back regularly to see what is available in our consignment program.  See our table below for any current consignment goats.

PhotoSpecies/BreedPriceTown, StateAgeSexHorned
Horns removed
Eye ColorPet
Disease Testing &
Test Date
Sheep/unknownSOLDElgin, SCunknownewepolledbrownpet
Goat/Fainting$100 OBOElgin, SC6-11 monthswetherpolledbrownpetnone803-272-1053
Goat/Nigerian DwarfSOLDElgin, SC6-11 monthswetherpolledbluepetnone803-272-1053
Goat/Nigerian DwarfSOLDElgin, SC6-11 monthswetherpolledbluepetnone803-272-1053
Goat/unknown$125 OBOElgin, SCmore than 1 year doehornsbrownpet
Goat/Fainting$200 OBOElgin, SC6-11 monthsdoepolledbrownpet

You can reach us by phone at 717.759.4242 or by email at

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