Barakah Heritage Farm

Barakah Heritage Farm believes in preserving the heritage livestock breeds and heirloom plants whenever possible.   These old time-tested genetics are uniquely suited to small farms and local markets.  What we look for in livestock:  Good mothering ability, parasite resistance, low input (needs little or no supplemental feed), hardy, foraging ability, gentle and easy to handle.  Poultry should go broody and successfully raise offspring.

What we have and what we are planning:

Muscovy ducks

These are not a heritage breed.  However, these muscovies come from homestead-suitable bloodlines carefully selected over many generations for foraging ability, quick gains, large size and temperament.  These are known as meat ducks but are also decent egg layers.  They are quiet, do not require a pond, roost high, raise several batches of ducklings annually (usually 10+ ducklings per nest) and the adults will eat up to a pound of flies daily – each.  Ducks are generally more gentle to garden plants (except greens) and will not uproot or eat plantings the way chickens will.  The meat is dark, more like roast beef, and lean.  These ducks have large claws for tree climbing, and they know how to use them.  Between the claws and the large size, they are more resistant to the smaller predators.  We keep our muscovies for insect control and eggs.

Local pickup or delivery (with appropriate safety measure and distancing) and we can ship! We do not offer meat ducks.  

Eggs for eating $1/each $7/dozen
Hatching eggs from select hens $2/each $20/dozen
Adult starter flock (1 drake, 2 hens) $79 (includes mentoring)

Email us to get on the waiting list!


We have tried many breeds.  Buckeyes are a favorite heritage breed that meet all our requirements of dual-purpose, good brooding and chick rearing, and good foragers.  We recently added some Jersey Giants and Australorps, and hope to add some Brahma at some point, God willing.  The Easter Eggers are a mixed breed, not heritage, added to bring some color to our egg assortments.

Eggs for eating $0.50/each $2.00/half dozen $3.50/dozen
Black Jersey Giant
Easter Egger


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