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Quality & satisfaction guarantee

Multiple years of glowing public reviews from our satisfied guests and customers.
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Quality livestock + support after the sale

We offer carefully selected quality pedigreed livestock, plus support for owners to care for their purchases.

Preservation and conservation focus

Sustainable land use, without chemicals, working in partnership with wildlife, the land, and animals, while preserving heritage breeds and heirloom plants.

Convenient location, local attractions

Located in Winnsboro, South Carolina. Half hour north of Columbia, SC, 1 hour 20 minutes to Charlotte, NC and 1 hour 40 minutes to Augusta, GA. Near historic downtown Winnsboro, Lake Wateree, the South Carolina Railroad Museum and Carolina Adventure World.

Our Team

Come let us introduce you to our critically rare black Arabian horses, our fainting and guernsey goats, or try one of our conscious horsemanship experiences and bond with gorgeous horses.

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Fun Horse & Goat Activities For All Ages

Un-Pony Rides, Playtime With Goats and Learn To Speak "Horse"


Barakah Heritage Farm, established in 2001, specializes in heritage livestock, particularly goats and horses and is located in Winnsboro, South Carolina. The farm fosters a deep connection with its animals and the land, prioritizing sustainable practices, humane treatment and heritage breed preservation.

Fainting and Golden Guernsey Goats, goats for sale, goat tours, horseback riding, horse tours, horse experiences, and pony rides for all ages.

Visitors by appointment only please.  Flexible scheduling options – if you don’t see your prefered date/time please contact us to book a private experience.

Conveniently located near Lake Wateree, Fairfield County Museum, Carolina Adventure World and the South Carolina Railroad Museum.


Fainting & Golden Guernsey Goats

The farm first began as a fainting goat breeding operation.  We raise and sell heritage small-to-mini old type fainting goats and Golden Guernsey goats.  Read more

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Horses and horse activities

We offer conscious horsemanship lessons and horse experiences as well as rare heritage Arabian horse preservation under our Horse Dreams Mentoring – East West Equestrian Arts brand.  Read more or visit the East West page…

Barakah Heritage Farm version 6.0

So here we are in Winnsboro, South Carolina, neck deep in the farm restart. This time around is a radically different farm model. We have moved to a VERY different climate in the deep south, after 50+ years of living in the northeast.  The plants are different, the growing season...

You can learn to speak “horse” with a gorgeous purebred horse family

Learn the secret tool of great horseback riders – how to speak horse.  Horses speak without words, and you can learn to understand them and speak back.  Our experience is available for booking in Winnsboro, South Carolina. BOOK NOW Experience our friendly curious gorgeous horses. Meet black Arabian stallion Dusk,…

Goats For Sale In South Carolina

Barakah Heritage Farm is expecting the first goat kids of 2024 in March.  Kids will be ready to leave for their new homes at 12 weeks old in June 2024.  We are located in Winnsboro, Fairfield County, South Carolina.  We sell kids for pets, breeding and showing.  We are not…

New location, new farm model

We have moved to Winnsboro, South Carolina! Home of the oldest working town clock, the South Carolina Railroad Museum, the Fairfield County Historical Museum and near Carolina Adventure World. As someone who has lived her entire life in the northeast USA, this is like moving to another planet.  There is...

Playtime With Goats – the perfect family outing or date

Playtime With Rare Golden Guernsey And Fainting Goats - an AirBnB Animal Experience.  Now in Winnsboro, South Carolina! 100s of satisfied attendees at our Pennsylvania location. Highly rated on Google, Tripadvisor, AirBnB and Facebook Meet, pet, cuddle and feed the friendly Fainting and very rare Golden British Guernsey goats. Meet...

May 15 Farm horse Restart vlog

This entry is part 9 of 8 in the series Rethinking the practical farm horse

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Pinned location is farm office. Farm is within 5 miles of the pinned map location (hidden for privacy & animal security)

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