Barakah Heritage Farm

Barakah Heritage Farm
Purposeful. Practical. Preservation.

We are expanding our sustainable diversified for-profit farm.  We currently offer or plan to offer:

-heritage rare goat, rabbit and poultry breeds for sale

-rare Arabian horse sales

-organic or chemical-free heirloom produce and herbs

-market gardens

-CSA and farm stand

-natural horse care and riding


We are looking for volunteers and partners who:

– are motivated and honest
– have a generally positive attitude
– pay attention to detail and can follow directions
– are committed to finishing what they start
– are respectful of others’ views and able to work with others
– are willing to learn, and share what they know (every day we try to learn something new)

We are always looking for motivated, self-starting, organized people to help design, run, and improve different sustainable purposeful projects!


We offer a variety of staff positions such as long term volunteer positions, as well as profit sharing and working business partnerships. We believe that the most successful sustainable farm solutions today are diverse economically, so that is practical foundation of all we are designing and building. For long term partners or volunteers we want to provide an environment where you contribute to the area of the farm that interests you, while we also support and help with your own independent farm-related small craft, services, or consulting business(es) with the resources we have for that. Contributing at the farm, you can:

– Learn hands-on about all aspects of our farm and gain skills that will help you on your own future farm
– Take advantage of profit sharing or partnership opportunities
– Start your own small farm-related business that is part of the larger farm growth


Steps to apply:

1) Message us through WWoofUSA or Helpx to introduce yourself and let us know about your plans and goals

2) We will schedule a skype or WhatsApp meeting or onsite meeting and tour for further discussion

3) Short weekend or week long project depending on the time of year, scheduled through WWoofUSA or Helpx

4) Mutual decision about longer-term volunteer position through WWoofUSA or Helpx, or starting a partnership project together

Lastly, we are always open to additional ideas for projects- so don’t hesitate email us to discuss further possibilities.



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