Barakah Heritage Farm

Barakah Heritage Farm
Purposeful. Practical. Preservation.

We are striving to build a small sustainable profitable farm that is both educational and supports small beneficial businesses related to:

-agritourism & farmstays
-heritage rare breed raising
-holistic farming techniques
-market gardening and organic products
-natural horse care and riding


We are looking for volunteers and partners who:

– are motivated and honest
– have a generally positive attitude
– pay attention to detail and can follow directions
– are committed to finishing what they start
– are respectful of others’ views and able to work with others
– are willing to learn, and share what they know (every day we try to learn something new)

We are always looking for motivated, self-starting, organized people to help design, run, and improve different sustainable purposeful projects!

All staff and volunteers must follow current CDC and Pennsylvania Covid-19 guidelines, and be vaccinated.


We offer a variety of projects such as short and long term volunteer positions, as well as profit sharing and working business partnerships. We believe that the most successful sustainable farm solutions today are diverse economically, so that is core to what we are working towards. For long term partners or volunteers we want to provide an environment where you contribute to the area of the farm that interests you, while we also support and help with your own independent small craft, services, or consulting business(es) with the resources we have for that. Contributing at the farm, you can:

– Learn hands-on about all aspects of our farm and gain skills that will help you on your own future farm
– Take advantage of profit sharing or partnership opportunities
– Start your own small farm-related business that is part of the larger farm growth

Related to opportunities to cooperate we offer:

  • on-site training, resources, and cooperative projects
  • campsite with cabin tent or space to park your camper (RV housing may be possible – ask us)
  • outdoor hot shower, portable toilet, & wifi
  • seasonal farm produce and eggs
  • a grocery allowance
  • garden space for your own personal garden


Some of the work hours normally change and shift with seasons and circumstances- such as kidding season or tree hay harvest. You work hours will depend upon your position/path here at the farm, and may range from 4-8 hours daily with scheduled time off.   We can accommodate needs for outside work or online study for long term volunteers or partners.

For overall the safety we do not accept smoking, drugs or alcohol on site. For the comfort and safety of guest, farm animals, and staff, loud music or outside pets are not permitted. We also do require identification and emergency contact information, for your safety and that of all staff and visitors.

Staff and volunteers must follow our family-friendly dress code during working hours on days the farm is open to the public.  Clothing must be plain (no logos or artwork), and at a minimum cover the shoulders and legs to the knees.

There are plenty opportunities for off site local recreational activities. We offer an ever-growing research library of commercial and scientific digital and print books to learn from at a multiuse computer and a separate tablet that can be scheduled for daily use.

We also offer a dedicated garden bed for your own management and choice of plants that you grow on your own for your own use- this can be from our own seed or from our growing seed bank.

Steps to apply:

1) Message us to introduce yourself and let us know about your plans and goals
2) We will together schedule skype or WhatsApp meetings for further discussion
3) Onsite meeting plus farm tour to discuss details and make final decision
4) Short weekend or week long project depending on the time of year

Lastly, we are always open to additional ideas for projects- so don’t hesitate email us to discuss further possibilities.



The 4 BHF paths:
1. Volunteer/Intern
2. Farm Guest Support
3. Project Lead
4. Entrepreneur Junior Partner

1. Volunteer/Intern
food allowance, housing, wifi

2a. Farm Guest Support
all of the volunteer benefits plus-
10% of guest admission fees for guest activities supported or assisted by this position ie Experiences
Note: we anticipate only having 2 of these positions to assist with EWEA, OHFG and Experiences. 2a staff may also concurrently participate in path 3.

2b. Project Support
all of the volunteer benefits plus-
10% of net project profit
Note: we anticipate only having 1 of these positions

3. Guest Activity Project Lead
all of the volunteer benefits plus-
60% of guest fee
Note: this is not an independent business. This level is solely for creating and hosting new Guest Experiences. Path 3 staff may also concurrently participate in path 2a

4. Entrepreneur Junior Partner
Access to volunteer benefits negotiable
All advertising, accounting provided by BHF
BHF contribution of infrastructure and materials negotiated on a per-project basis
Profit share negotiated on a per-project basis
Note: this is an independent partnership business. Experiences are excluded from this path category.

Note about the farm’s farmstay business:
Campsite & cabin support
Servicing farmstay facilities
Note: By invitation. Staff to handle campsite and cabin support may be invited from any of the 4 paths.  This is not a path, and must be combined with one of our farm paths.

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