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Tips for Terrific Tomatoes, from Soil Prep to Staking

Plump, sun-ripened tomatoes are indisputably the crown jewel of home vegetable gardens, and a successful tomato crop means giving them the best start possible. As with everything, getting the most out of your tomatoes is all about preparation.

Joining us again to talk tomatoes and more is the Organic Gardener Jeanne Nolan.

How to Start a Garden

Not sure how to start your garden? With help from Jeanne Nolan and her team, we will guide you through the process from selecting a site for your garden to staking crops and everything in between.

Strategies for Container Gardening

If you’re one of the many Chicagoans living in an apartment or condo with limited outdoor space, growing your own food can seem like a challenge – but, Jeanne Nolan says, anything you can grow in the ground can be grown in a container with just a few adjustments.


Ask Jeanne Nolan and The Organic Gardener crew.

On – 25 May, 2017 By Erica Gunderson

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