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How To Make A Homemade Stun Gun | Homesteading Survival Skills

Every homesteader should learn how to make a homemade stun gun and properly use it for self-defense. Good thing we have this easy and straightforward tutorial on how to make a homemade stun gun with materials that may already be in your hands!

Make An Easy DIY Stun Gun For Your Self-Defense

If you’re not confident using a gun or your knife skills and prefer other weapons for self-defense, the stun gun just might be for you. I myself prefer this weapon in self-defense for personal reasons. A stun gun is an electrical weapon which is usually used to immobilize an attacker within arm’s reach with a shock of electricity through a conductor. After it electrifies, this self-defense weapon renders a person incapable of doing anything due to pain and electrocuted sensory and motor nerves. But, why buy a stun gun when you can save by making one your own. Learn how to make your very own stun gun as you scroll down!


Let’s Get Started!

What You Will Need:

What You Will Need | How To Make A Homemade Stun Gun | Homesteading Survival Skills

  • High-voltage inverter
  • 20 cm PVC pipe
  • Safety switch and a momentary switch (main button)
  • 3 As battery and battery housing
  • PVC coupling and soda bottle cap
  • 2 small brass nails
  • Black matte spray paint
  • Cutter and pliers
  • Glue gun

Step 1. Prepare Materials

Prepare Materials | How To Make A Homemade Stun Gun | Homesteading Survival Skills

As a homesteader who creates, builds, repurposes, and recycles, you may already have the materials to make a homemade stun gun at home or in your tool shed. For the inverter, a high voltage one, specifically one which can produce up to 400, 000 volts is recommended. Take out the outer layer of the inverter for the circuitry part to fit in. Using a cutter and pliers, carefully peel off the outer layer of the inverter. Once the outer layer is gone, the inverter will easily fit in the PVC pipe.

Step 2. Assemble The Circuitry

Assemble The Circuitry | How To Make A Homemade Stun Gun | Homesteading Survival Skills

Prepare 3 triple A batteries and battery housing which will fit in the PVC pipe. The Taser should also have a safety switch with a push button that lights up when pressed so you can easily see if the Taser is on or off. You will also use a small momentary switch as the main button. Check out this basic circuit diagram or electronic schematic to assemble the basic circuitry.

Stun Gun Circuit Diagram 

Stun Gun Circuit Diagram  | How To Make A Homemade Stun Gun | Homesteading Survival Skills

This elementary electronic schematic shows how you will assemble the circuits to make the Taser work. The battery is connected to the on and off safety switch which is the red LED button. It is then connected to the momentary switch that we press to make the Taser spark. This leads to the high voltage converter connected to the spark gap where the spark zaps through or between the two prongs which lead back to the battery.

Step 3. Prepare Stun Gun Housing

Prepare Stun Gun Housing | How To Make A Homemade Stun Gun | Homesteading Survival Skills

Now we go to our PVC pipe. Spray paint the pipe with a black matte spray paint and leave it to dry. Cut the pipe in two so you can have access to the batteries when replacing them after they’ve run out. Measure 13 cm from one end of the PVC pipe and cut from there so you have another 7 cm PVC pipe. Drill a hole for the main switch some 4 cm from the top of the longer PVC pipe where the momentary switch will be inserted. Use a PVC coupling to join the two separate PVC pipe pieces securely and for replacing the batteries.

Step 4. Assemble Stun Gun

Assemble Stun Gun | How To Make A Homemade Stun Gun | Homesteading Survival Skills

Now to assemble the Taser stun gun, insert the safety switch with the red LED button to the shorter cut PVC pipe piece. Use glue to fasten the safety switch securely to the bottom of the shorter PVC pipe. Insert the rest of the circuitry including the momentary switch. You will need to seal the top of the stun gun and assemble the prongs. You can use a plastic soda cap but you will have to remove the extra plastic lining inside with a grinder so it fits the pipe perfectly. Puncture two holes on top of the plastic cap from which the two small brass nails will be inserted. Connect wirings to the brass nails which will serve as the prongs from which electricity can zap. Secure everything with hot glue and place the cap over the PVC pipe also securing it with glue.

Step 5. Finished Homemade Stun Gun

Finished Homemade Stun Gun | How To Make A Homemade Stun Gun | Homesteading Survival Skills

Finally, you can test your finished homemade stun gun! Make sure to take safety precautions and use this weapon for self-defense responsibly. Also, make sure to keep it out of reach of your youngsters.


Watch the full tutorial of making your DIY stun gun in this video:

There you have it, homesteaders! A simple and easy DIY stun gun tutorial. Don’t you find this tutorial exciting and easy to follow too? Convenience aside, I’m pretty sure you’ll find this DIY stun gun very useful one of these days. Heaven forbid, but better safe and prepared than sorry, right?

Are you going to give this homemade stun gun a try? Share your thoughts about it in the comments section below! 

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