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Earth Day 2017: Celebrating Soil Health!

This post is a summary of “Earth Day 2017: Celebrating Soil Health!”, by Karen Batra published on, Apr 19, 2017. Read the full post here.

When it comes to Earth Day you must think about the serious business of food production. Most often, it gets taken for granted in the public domain until food prices increase or something goes wrong.

As we speak, farmers are in fields across the United States planting the 2017 harvest. U.S. farmers—from crop and livestock to fruit and vegetable production — have always deployed their entrepreneurial skills and willingness to adopt technology and science to improve the stewardship of land, water and natural resources and increase yields to feed an increasingly hungry and expanding world population.

Read the full post here.

Earth Day 2017: Celebrating Soil Health! was originally published in The Dirt on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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