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Bury MRCC graduationThis full Permaculture Design course, certificated internationally by the Permaculture Research Institute will run on one Saturday per month starting on 25th November 2017. A full list of dates is given below. This course is also open on a modular basis

The course will be held at the Manchester Road Community Arts Centre which is south of Bury Town Centre on the main road leading to Prestwich. This has good public transport links and is easily accessible from the M60 and M66 by car.

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The course is open to all, regardless of any previous experience or literacy levels. We will follow the international guidelines to cover the course syllabus in full. Each person completing the course will get an internationally-recognised PDC certificate.

The content and teaching style is aimed at those wishing to apply permaculture in urban and sub-urban settings, as well as those in rural locations. The course content has a wide and flexible application, not only for home and garden design, but also for those wishing to apply the permaculture design techniques within their business or career. We aim to provide you with the tools to enhance and facilitate community-based projects of all kinds, including Transition Towns and Incredible Edible initiatives. Many of our students go on to set up permaculture-inspired initiatives of their own. You can read more about people who will benefit from the course.

The course will be led by Angus Soutar and Andy Wynne with support from visiting teachers. Angus has rich experience of guiding and implementing permaculture design in a variety of commercial settings. He is keen to share this growing body of knowledge during, and after, the life of this course.



What will we study?

The aim is to help you to make the transition to a practical and peaceful future, in the way that you want it to. You can read more about the course topics here.




What will it cost and how can I pay?

The price for the complete course (12 days) is £480 if you book before the 1st November. We will ask for a deposit of £150 when you book to secure your place.

The fee includes on-going access to our virtual learning environment

You may read more about our pricing policy and what you can expect from us. We are offering several ways to make this affordable for people on low income and, if the fee is difficult for you to find, you are encouraged to negotiate with us.

Reserve a place on this course

Manchester Road Community Centre - BuryVenue

The course will be held at the Manchester Road Community Centre . Detailed directions are here. Public transport is convenient, there is also some free car parking. We can facilitate car-sharing or lifts with fellow students as the course gets underway.

Dates and times

We start on Saturday the 25th November 2017 and continue monthly, usually either the third of fourth Saturday of the month:   16th December (2017), 20th January (2018),  17th February, 24th March, 21st April, 19th May, 23rd June, 21st July., 18th August, 22nd September and 20th October.

The day starts at 10.00 am and finishes at 5.00 pm. We enjoy a shared lunch together in the middle of the day.


Additional information



View some feedback from previous course participants

For further enquiries, contact Angus on 07973 856 528 or Andy on 07506 585 005. You can also e-mail Andy or e-mail Angus

Reserve a place on this course

Directions to the venue

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