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Install Fresh Air Intake for Homesteading Wood Stoves | The Homestead Survival

How to Install Fresh Air Intake for Homesteading Wood Stoves for safety. When using a wood stove that is vented to the outside, every cubic foot of air that goes up and out the stack has to be replaced in the room.

Install Fresh Air Intake for Homesteading Wood Stoves

For the second time, (because it is so important) for every cubic foot of air that is pumped outside has to be replaced by an equal quantity of air from another source. If it doesn’t get replaced, there are great chances of vacuum being created. It would cause health concerns to the people living inside the house under these circumstances.

Depending on the location of your wood stove, here’s what you could do to prevent the above from happening. Secure the outlet with the required amount of angle brackets held in place with the sheet metal brackets.

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If the above is not possible, use a mounted adapter to hold the angle brackets in place for proper support. If it is not possible to adjust the air intake damper from the inside, try to adjust it from the outside if possible.

When the door is opened, the elbow swings on its hinges and some contraction is seen to facilitate the unrestricted and easy movement of air. Sometimes, it can be insulated with the right material in order to prevent the heat from deforming the outlets or other parts.

If the heat duct connected to the inside of the house is disconnected, the air can be replaced from under the house. Either way, vacuum is not created and the air flow makes the atmosphere inside the house fresh.

With winter around the corner, all the heaters used in the house must be checked and kept ready. All the insulation should be taken care of. A functional unit will prove to be very helpful.

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