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Afghan Peace Volunteers Try Permaculture |

By Dr Hakim

26th August 2017

Today, we not only have systematically destroyed our relationships with fellow human beings, we have little or no relationship with Mother Earth and Nature.

We are sick because of these broken relationships, and need healing.

Migratory birds Afghanistan Small

On the 10th of May 2017, the International Migratory Bird Day, Afghan naturalists and teachers at the Environmental Science Faculty of Kabul University said that due to climate changes and war, several species of birds have avoided their previous migratory paths in Afghanistan. Drought and conflict have denuded forests and green cover. Birds like migratory geese and cranes have not been seen for the past 20 years.

Dr. Noor Ahmad Akhonzada, head of Environmental Science Faculty at Kabul University, said that of the 167 types of native birds, 75 have been totally wiped out due to the destruction of the ecosystem.

We are wiping one another out.

The Afghan Peace Volunteers wish to reconnect with all, and this year, the Agriculture Department of Kabul University has kindly given them a plot of land to establish a demonstration permaculture vegetable plot.

We feel that we have so much to do, while bombs and killings rage on, invading and replacing life in Afghanistan from every direction, group and country.

We feel we’re not doing enough, and not fast enough.

But, we’re a community. We identify ourselves as the #Earth! GEN(eration) and we’re grateful to Nature for gradually healing us, for loving us despite ourselves.

Afghan Peace Volunteers Try Permaculture

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