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A Straw Bale House Is Eco Friendly And Cost-Effective

A straw bale house is an eco-friendly building you will fall in love with. Light, sustainable, resistant and featuring a rustic flavor, the construction has gained admirers on the market lately. The building method uses bales of straw – usually wheat, rice, rye and oats straw – as structural elements, building insulation, or both. As a result, the costs involved are not extremely high. Moreover, the straw bale house is also very viable. If you plan to do so, here are a list of advantages and disadvantages. The benefits: high insulation, easy availability, costs. The flaws: the building is susceptible to rot and you will not obtain insurance coverage easily. However, remember that these constructions bring the natural roots to present. As a result, you will pamper your senses in tranquility and equilibrium. And you will feel a strong connection with the exterior. Besides good looks, you will also discover inspiring designs for bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms in the gallery below. Explore it and let us know if you enjoyed these homes!

Exposed beams

It goes without saying that rustic elements fit into a straw bale house. The home above features large rooms with high ceilings – two elements that allow you to decorate with altitude. As you can easily notice, oversized vases, tall sculptures and a generous chandelier integrate amazingly here. Also, a tall fireplace, in one of the corners warms the interior. But, the most striking ‘ingredient’ in this composition is the ceiling. The beams give strength, while also an infusion of spontaneity to the room.

The Arch Living Room

The elegant arch is the first thing you notice in a room that has it. Appreciated for its support in architecture, it is now reconsidered as a decorative add-on. The living room above features tall arches that give the space a very elevated look. Their raw simplicity goes beautifully with the furniture and the decorations. Made of poorly finished wood, the items create a natural environment where the inhabitants feel free and relaxed.

The warmth of the chalet

I believe every escape has its own essences and innards. The ones delivered by a mountain chalet are freedom, naturalness, coziness and relief. This living room connected to rustic flavors brings exactly the same. Just imagine cuddling in your beloved arms in this sofa, by the window. Its position offers you the possibility to admire the landscape in the same time. I like the way geometry animates the interior. The cabinet features traditional prints, the carpet similar motifs and the tapestry of the armchairs a complementary pattern.

A domestic crib featuring a lovely bench, three niches and a vintage stove. It reminds me of vernacular interiors.

Reading by the window? Yes, absolutely! A bunch of pillows and a blanket make the seating wonderful!

White extravaganza

A straw bale house can also feature clean white interiors. It is not necessary to turn everything in clay and wood. Paint the room with white or creamy ivory and you will experience a luminous environment all the time. I love the fluidity of the room above, and the diaphanous curtains that add elegance to the room. Also, the items of furniture integrate very well in this décor. Add some sparks of blue and you will have the marine freshness in your crib.

A hammock in your living room? Why not!

I have never imagined that a bunch of spots under the sofa can produce such a beautiful effect!

The simplicity of this bedroom is absolutely overwhelming.

Explore a collection of bedrooms with natural looks

The feeling I am looking for in my sleeping room is that of a sweet escape. You have to relax, but also to experience the comfy touch of pampering. Featuring light colors, large beds and interesting light effects, the examples in this gallery contain inspiring tricks. Have a look and relax a little!

Influenced by the sea, this bedroom features white and blue in a fresh mix.

How to design your bathroom in a straw bale house?

Featuring curved walls, the bathrooms invite you in a domestic sanctuary. Soft corners, elegant niches, sculptures, vintage frames and lighting spots are the ingredients we should rely on. White is the common option, but look how beautiful they are painted in blue! Also, cane decorations or small items of furniture work fine in these decors.

Storing smartly saves time and energy. Put some baskets and boxes under the sink and you will access all you need in a second.

An organic design following the curves of dunes and paired with white soft stones. As you can see, the composition is complete — the cohesion you feel when different elements blend with each other.



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