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First Aid Treatment For Your Farm Animal’s Eyes

First Aid Treatment For Your Farm Animal's Eyes

Today’s curated article is very specific but important to learn if you have any animals. As anyone with eyeballs knows, eyes are very sensitive and can cause a lot of pain if you get something stuck in them. Worse, if a piece of contaminated dirt gets stuck under the eyelid, it can cause an infection and even blindness if left untreated.

Since your animals spend most of their time outdoors, the chances of one of them getting something stuck in their eye at some point are very high, so you should keep an eye on them (see what I did there?) and be prepared to treat them when it happens. In this article, Janet from Timber Creek Farm shares her experience treating the eyes of a duck and a goat on her homestead.

She writes, “We had two eye injuries with our farm animals within the same week recently. And, this was not the first time we have had to deal with something wrong with an eye, due to injury or infection. No matter how much you try to keep an area free from potentially dangerous spots, injuries can still occur. Fortunately, we have a farm first aid box ready to start treatment on any given day. We keep this well stocked for the minor accident, or injuries…”

First Aid Treatment For Your Farm Animal’s Eyes

On – 07 Mar, 2017 By Heidi

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