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The Homesteading Bundle – Available Now – Country Living and Garlic Farming in BC

Are you wanting to learn more about herbs, managing a farm, saving (a ton!) of money, homesteading and simple living?  A group of country living friends has come together and we have all created a great bundle of information for you. 

We’re a pretty diverse group – what we have in common is a desire to live a slower and simpler life. Some are very knowledgeable on homeschooling, others on raising and showing goats. We’ve got a herbalist and a money saving maven, several gardeners, a chicken rassler and an awesome day care teacher who incorporates growing food into her childcare business! 



It’s called The Homesteading Bundle and it has all kinds of great resources!

What would you like to learn more about?  Take a look at this list!


Homesteading Bundles



Here’s just a few of the books written by authors who are living the homesteading life and want to share what they have learned with others:


Herbs – How To’s and Recipes

Starting Seeds

How to Manage your Home, Farm & Homeschool

Money Saving Worksheets

Selling Your Goods at the Farmers Market


and that’s not all! Take a look at the rest of them!

8 books in total – head over to Homesteading Bundles and see all of them. 


there are 2 Planners, 4 Worksheets and over 90 Printables!


It’s a great value – only $19 for the Entire Bundle!

(a savings of 77%)


It’s on sale starting October 7 and ends on October 21 – grab yours early!

On – 07 Oct, 2017 By Annie

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