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Fresh eggs from our mixed flock of heritage and conventional chickens and ducks.  Our birds live truly free range, roaming 30 plus acres at will and coming in to their house only at night for shelter until the ground is snow covered.  They eat what they forage, a mixed diet of greens, bugs, worms, small reptiles, snails and slugs.  The yolks are rich golden orange.  The eggs are not certified organic, but our farm is chemical free and they are eating what they forage.

Duck eggs are slightly larger than chicken eggs with a much thicker shell and more protein and fat.  Ducks eggs are often useful for folks that are allergic to chicken eggs.   Duck eggs are particularly prized for making rich desserts.

Eggs are sold singly or by the half dozen or dozen.  You may mix chicken and duck only when purchasing by the egg.  Dozens and half dozens are single type only, chicken or duck.

Limited availability – please ask before ordering.

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Single duck egg(s), Dozen duck eggs, Single chicken egg(s), Half dozen chicken eggs, Dozen chicken eggs, Delivery to my campsite


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