Barakah Heritage Farm

Due to the tragic loss of horses in a barn fire, trail rides are closed until further notice

Explore scenic organic sustainable farm on beautiful purebred horses

Specializing in small groups of non-beginner riders

Reservations required.  No walk-ins.  Visits to the farm by appointment only.

Reserve your trail ride now - $50/person

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What makes our trail rides unique?

Taking Humane Equipment and Treatment To The Next Level

The horses choose their preferred equipment.

Hooves are protected by state-of-the-art methods, or left barefoot.

Horses choose their level and type of guest interaction.  Some are willing and able to carry riders.  Some only do unmounted tours.

Our horses are with us for life.  Full retirement to pasture when done working.

We work within the patterns of the horses’ daily lives.  This means we schedule rides at the cooler time of the day after breakfast and before nap time.

This is not your typical nose-to-tail plod along a trail

Our horses will respond to your cues.  You are guiding your horse, and responsible for keeping your horse on the trail.  You can stop, and slow down or speed up your walk.  We will be riding up and down some small banks, around and between trees, up and down hills, and potentially over some small obstacles.

There is wildlife and varied beautiful scenery.

We stop for horsey grass-snack breaks so you can take pictures.

Your horses are registered purebred Arabians, Quarter Horses or American Paints.  Many had show or competition careers and famous relatives.  Some are rare.  All are beautiful, unique, and willing to partner with humans.

What to expect

After arriving at the barn, guests sign a release form, weigh in (200 pound limit), get a bathroom break (outhouse), and a brief safety orientation.

Guests are then matched with their horse, and will ride with supervision in the enclosed riding area until horse, rider and trail guide are all confident the guest can safely control the horse on the trails (10-20 minutes). The riding area includes some interesting ground pole exercises and trail challenge obstacles. Once the group has completed the supervised riding refresher, we head out on the trail.

You will enjoy spectacular views, a shady fern grove in the pines with simple log obstacles, some brief jogs, and the company of horses who consider people to be friends.

After riding the trails for up to 40 minutes (trail time depends on refresher time in the riding pen), guests and horses return to the barn.

What if I've never ridden a horse before?

Our trail rides are for riders with some experience.  We will gladly book you for one of our unmounted horse tours, such as Meet The Rare Jilfan Malabar Arabians, Playtime With Rare & Rescued Horses, or our scenic unmounted Hike With Horses.

Can the horse sense if I'm nervous?

Absolutely yes.  You cannot fool a horse.  If you are nervous, stressed, angry, scared or any other intense emotion, your horse knows it.  Your horse will make it clear to you, and to your trail guide, if the emotions are too intense for riding.  If you are nervous/scared about riding a horse, we are happy to switch you into a supervised riding lesson or unmounted experience.

What if I'm an experienced rider? Will I be bored?

Our trails are scenic and varied, with lots of wildlife and beautiful views of wildflower fields, birds and butterflies, shaded fern-filled pine woods and the distant mountains.  The amount and variety of birdsong is amazing.  Your quiet walk on our horses gives you an opportunity to experience parts of the farm that most guests never see.

Reserve your trail ride now

Exclusively on AirBnB Experiences

Reservations required.  No walk-ins.  Visits to the farm by appointment only.

Rules and Requirements

  • Age restrictions:  18 years old or older
  • Helmets: Helmets optional.  You supply your own.
  • Riding Experience: Intermediate to advanced.  For beginners, we suggest a riding lesson instead.
  • Weight restrictions: 200 lbs.  All riders are asked to step on a scale upon arrival.
  • Health: Good health, free of neck and back injuries, cannot be pregnant. No Oxygen Tanks
  • No Sandals or Flip-flops
  • One rider per horse
  • We welcome 1 or 2 riders per ride at this time.
  • Everyone must use a mounting block.
  • No dogs, either on the ride or left at the car during a ride.
  • No strong perfume or cologne (it annoys the horses).
  • All riders must sign a release form.

PLEASE DO NOT BRING – Water bottles, backpacks or large purses ( a tiny shoulder bag is acceptable.)  Heavy items that can shift or make sloshing sounds or thump against the horse may pull you off balance OR startle the horse.

Riding is not an amusement park ride.  It is a sport.  It requires your active participation.

Because you will be guiding your horse, all riders must be able to ride safely in the enclosed riding area before heading out to the trails.  All riders must be able to stop, start and turn and their horse must be relaxed and comfortable with the rider before proceeding.  Any rider not able to do this will be asked to switch to a supervised riding lesson or an unmounted activity, or offered a refund.  If it becomes apparent that horse and rider are mismatched, we will do our best to find another horse, but cannot guarantee an available substitute.  If not substitute is available, riders will be switched to an unmounted activity or offered a refund.

Under Pennsylvania law, riders and farm guests assume all the risk of equine activity.

What To Wear

Dress for the weather. We recommend long pants even in summer. In the winter be sure to dress in a suitable winter coat and definitely and hat and gloves. Toes are the part that gets coldest the fastest.

Safe footwear is very important. The point of a riding boot or shoe is to avoid ever getting your foot caught in the stirrup.  You need a shoe or boot with a SMOOTH sole and a heel 1/” to 2″ tall. No sandals, sneakers, hiking or work boots.  Anything with a heavily-textured grippy sole is dangerous.  Open toes are dangerous.

Skirts or loose outer coverings for modesty are fine.  Please be aware that in mounting, riding and dismounting there is a risk of getting caught on the saddle.  Our horses are accustomed to riders wearing skirts.

Helmets are optional and we strongly recommend them.  We do not provide helmets, please bring your helmet from home.

Reserve your trail ride now

August special! $50/person on AirBnB Experiences

Reservations required.  No walk-ins.  Visits to the farm by appointment only.

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