Barakah Heritage Farm

Supervised riding on interesting horses

All skill levels, ages 5+

Reservations required.  No walk-ins.  Visits to the farm by appointment only.

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What makes our supervised horseback riding unique?

Taking Humane Equipment and Treatment To The Next Level

The horses choose their preferred equipment.

Hooves are protected by state-of-the-art methods, or left barefoot.

Horses choose their level and type of guest interaction.  Some are willing and able to carry riders.  Some only do unmounted tours.

Our horses are with us for life.  Full retirement to pasture when done working.

We work within the patterns of the horses’ daily lives.

This is not your typical riding lesson or horse rental

Our horses will respond to your body language, thoughts, and cues and are very sensitive.

There is a shady indoor riding area plus an enclosed grassy area with a lovely pond view, perfect for gorgeous pictures with your horse.

Your horses are registered purebred Arabians, Quarter Horses or American Paints.  Many had show or competition careers and famous relatives.  Some are rare.  All are beautiful, unique, and willing to partner with humans.

What to expect

Upon arrival, guests sign a release form. Guests are then matched with their horse. Farm staff will first teach you the fundamentals of understanding horse body language and communication. You will then work with the staff to prepare the horse for the ride. Staff will assist you with mounting, and you will then be in control of your horse while staff translate the horses’ feedback. You will be offered as much or as little guidance as you prefer, while staff ensure that you have a safe ride in the riding area. Speeds are typically walk and jog or trot. Children and beginners are on a leadline, walk only, and share a horse. An obstacle course offers an extra challenge.

What if I've never ridden a horse before?

That’s fine!  We designed this ride to be enjoyed by all skill levels.  If you are really feeling nervous, we will gladly book you for one of our unmounted horse tours, such as Meet The Rare Jilfan Malabar Arabians, Playtime With Rare & Rescued Horses, or our scenic unmounted Hike With Horses.

Can the horse sense if I'm nervous?

Absolutely yes.  You cannot fool a horse.  If you are nervous, stressed, angry, scared or any other intense emotion, your horse knows it.  Our staff are with you every step if you need us, and we will gladly keep your horse on a leadline for backup.  Parents with young children are encouraged to walk next to their child to provide support.  If you are too nervous/scared about riding a horse, we are happy to switch you into an unmounted experience.

What if I'm an experienced rider? Will I be bored?

Maybe…or maybe not.  Supervised riding is walk and jog/trot only, in a fenced area.  However, we offer some simple obstacles to play with and a lovely view of the pond.  We also are happy to add as much instruction in body language, communication and technique as you would like.  If this still sounds too boring, let us switch you to our scenic guided trail ride designed for advanced riders only.

Book your ride now

Exclusively on AirBnB Experiences

Reservations required.  No walk-ins.  Visits to the farm by appointment only.

Rules and Requirements

  • Age restrictions:  4 years old or older
  • Helmets: Helmets optional.  You supply your own.
  • Riding Experience: All skill levels
  • Weight restrictions: 200 lbs.  All riders are asked to step on a scale upon arrival.
  • Health: Good health, free of neck and back injuries, cannot be pregnant. No Oxygen Tanks
  • No Sandals or Flip-flops
  • One rider per horse
  • We welcome up to 4 riders per session.
  • Everyone must use a mounting block.
  • No dogs, either on the ride or left at the car during a ride.
  • No strong perfume or cologne (it annoys the horses).
  • All riders must sign a release form.
  • Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian

PLEASE DO NOT BRING – Water bottles, backpacks or large purses ( a tiny shoulder bag is acceptable.)  Heavy items that can shift or make sloshing sounds or thump against the horse may pull you off balance OR startle the horse.

Riding is not an amusement park ride.  It is a sport.  It requires your active participation.

If it becomes apparent that horse and rider are mismatched, we will do our best to find another horse, but cannot guarantee an available substitute.  If not substitute is available, riders will be switched to an unmounted activity or offered a refund.

Under Pennsylvania law, riders and farm guests assume all the risk of equine activity.

What To Wear

Dress for the weather. We recommend long pants even in summer. In the winter be sure to dress in a suitable winter coat and definitely and hat and gloves. Toes are the part that gets coldest the fastest.

Safe footwear is very important. The point of a riding boot or shoe is to avoid ever getting your foot caught in the stirrup.  You need a shoe or boot with a SMOOTH sole and a heel 1/” to 2″ tall. No sandals, sneakers, hiking or work boots.  Anything with a heavily-textured grippy sole is dangerous.  Open toes are dangerous.

Skirts or loose outer coverings for modesty are fine.  Please be aware that in mounting, riding and dismounting there is a risk of getting caught on the saddle.  Our horses are accustomed to riders wearing skirts.

Helmets are optional and we strongly recommend them.  We do not provide helmets, please bring your helmet from home.

Book your ride now

Group discounts available on AirBnB Experiences

Reservations required.  No walk-ins.  Visits to the farm by appointment only.

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