Barakah Heritage Farm

Who he was…

Lucky was a racing Arabian.  I’m told he didn’t really enjoy running, and in the end, his career was finished when he injured a front leg (bowed tendon) around 5 years old.  After some rest, he came to Barakah Heritage Farm, and has remained here for 18 years.

Who he is now…

His tendon injury has healed as much as it ever will.  He is pain-free and able to do almost all the things he used to do.  Lucky has become a wonderful teacher.  You can read about our adventures on theEast West Equestrian Arts blog.  In particular, Lucky taught me about using my body to steer and stop, instead of using the reins.

grabbing a snack after a trail ride

Lucky is also the herd leader, and is mentoring young Nasr.


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