Barakah Heritage Farm

No current available space.  Please contact us to be placed on a waiting list or for emergency board.

free choice pasture
state-of-the-art mineral buffet
mixed mare/gelding/foal herd for healthy social dynamics
winter stockpiled fresh pasture (curious?  read Kick The Hay Habit by Jim Gerrish)
grain optional
weekly wellness evaluation from Common Sense Wellness
indoor lighted round pen
outdoor riding field
optional stalls
no chemicals, no GMOs, reduced vaccine schedule
spring and well water
full care


Board fees are all follows:

Length Individual Mare/Foal, no grain Mare/Foal, grain
Monthly $360 $390 $425
Quarterly (10% discount) $972 (324/mo) $1053 ($351/mo) $1122 ($374/mo)
Biannual  (15% discount) $1836 (306/mo) $1992 ($332/mo) $2166 ($361/mo)
Annual     (20% discount) $3456 ($288/mo) $3744 ($312/mo) $4080 ($340/mo)


Board includes:  Timothy hay up to 20 pounds daily January through March plus during stall confinement, Up to 1 pound oats daily for Individual or Mare/Foal no grain, All necessary oats for Mare/Foal with Grain rate, free choice broad-spectrum vitamin/mineral buffet, water, pasture, turnout, stall cleaning, bedding, weekly assessment by Carrie Eastman’s Common Sense Wellness.

Board excludes:  Veterinary care, dental care, farrier care, bodywork, training, topdressed specialty supplements, medications, specialty feeds, specialized care.

Specialized care – Any specialized care Boarder requests the Farm provide (such as bandaging, administering medications, etc) may be billed at $10/hour.

Bodywork – may be billed at the current published rate.

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