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The Energetic Goat by Carrie Eastman.

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Holistic practitioners have been using reflexology, muscle testing, and dowsing to improve human health for centuries. For lifelong alternative medicine practitioner Carrie Eastman, applying these methods to her goat herd was just common sense. All living things, are made up of electrical energy. Learn how to harness this energy to work with your goats in a way that is convenient, inexpensive, and safe for your herd.

This book provides step-by-step instruction on the basic techniques, including common variations, as well as guidance on how to adapt other techniques to suit your personal preferences. Newcomers to alternative veterinary medicine will find the many photographs, diagrams, and sample case histories particularly useful, while veteran practitioners will discover new tricks and techniques to add their repertoire from the never-before-in-print human reflex point chart to use for surrogate testing and the cross-reference chart of common goat health problems and popular treatments.

The Energetic Goat also includes a timeline for transitioning your animals from conventional to holistic herd management, including tips on minerals, nutrition, and dealing with parasites.

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