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Hobbit Homes Are Real, and Here’s How You Can Obtain One of Your Own!

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Hobbit Homes Are Real, and Here’s How You Can Obtain One of Your Own!

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Customized home designs are gaining swift popularity as of recent years, and for good reasons: their flexibility and, most beneficially, their sustainability! People are becoming more aware of climate change than ever before, after all, and its visible effects on the weather throughout the world prompts most to take action however they can. For most people, this means modifying their homes to be more environmentally friendly.

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, you’re probably intimately familiar with the concept and design of “hobbit homes.” If you also care about going green, you’ll be happy to know these homes can and do exist in the real world, and can even be commissioned and built for your own living needs! Interested? In this blog article, we’ll go over just what it takes to have your own hobbit home.

How Do Hobbit Homes Work?

If you aren’t familiar with this home design concept, we want to take the time to explain just what a hobbit home is. Building a hobbit home is very similar to building a dome home, particularly in terms of shape. Hobbit homes are typically nestled into hills, identifiable by the door placed into the hillside and the pathway leading up to it. These homes come in all sizes, meaning you can have a hobbit home of your own with as much space as you could possibly need.

What Are the Benefits of a Hobbit Home?

The best and most noteworthy feature of the hobbit home, much like dome home floor plans, is its versatility—both before and after building. Not only can you customize your hobbit home exactly to your liking, but once the construction is done, you have further options! Is your home growing too small? You can simply add onto it by requesting more “modules,” or home sections to be further implemented into the hillside. Modules come with all sorts of functions, from rooms to fully usable garages. Furthermore, you can even put the roof of your home to functional use! The grassy layout of the roof of a typical hobbit home makes a wonderful base for a garden, allowing you to grow flowers, vegetables or anything else you choose!

Even if you don’t want to plant anything on your roof, the grass up top will come in handy in case of rain and other weather events. Because of the vegetation up top, you don’t have to worry nearly as much about water damage to your home. Dome home builders ensure your home will be able to withstand the weather since the grass can easily absorb the rain’s moisture. It will then photosynthesize, giving back to the planet and reducing your need to worry about water conservation and home-owning disasters.

Does the idea of a hobbit home interest you? If so, B.E. Structural can help put you on the path to obtaining one of your own! Be sure to get in touch with us and we’ll help you every step of the way, from blueprints to dome home floor plans to location.

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