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Couple Building Modern Yurt as Super Portable Tiny Home

Meet Marcin and Anissa, an inspiring couple who are designing beautiful, natural, and minimalist yurts for Yurta in Ontario, Canada.

image credit: Exploring Alternatives

They started their career designing lamps and emergency relief tents but transitioned to designing modern yurts when a man from the local Gatineau Park asked them to try their hand at building a lightweight and portable yurt.

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They use natural materials including 100% wool felt, ash and cedar wood, and polyester cotton fabric. Their yurts fit into a 4×8″ trailer making them incredibly easy to move from place to place.

image credit: Exploring Alternatives

To enter Yurta is to reconnect viscerally with the different circular dwellings that humans have inhabited across continents and cultures for thousands of years.


Yurta is authentic yurt – an original contemporary design for a functional shelter that is strong yet portable. In the spirit of a tent, Yurta features no urban building features. It is designed to connect you with your natural surroundings.

The Yurta is a superb short or long-term shelter. Its perfect balance of strength and portability makes it ideally suited to a most any climate, site or use. It is an easy and low cost way to add 4-season space to your life:

On – 12 Apr, 2017 By Sia Magazine

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