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Selling myotonic goats since 2009 – 11 years of satisfied customers

Spending too much on grain and other inputs?

New to goats and feeling confused about how and where to get started?

Having trouble with parasite resistance or recovery (resilience)?

Goats dancing on your cars, climbing fences, or yelling loudly enough to wake the dead?

Looking for a multipurpose family homestead goat that can produce meat, milk and possibly fiber?

We have your goat solution!

Contact us today email: or phone 570.285.5242

We currently maintain one of only a handful of myotonic herds in the country that is chemical free and vaccine free.  In 10 generations, we have needed chemical dewormers a handful of times, and only in individual goats.  Our goats are low input, thriving on browse and hay and a quality Dynamite mineral buffet only. Our goats are quiet, and adults rarely climb.  Our goats are registered with the Myotonic Goat Registry, adding value to your investment with the potential for registered kid sales.  We offer mentoring to our buyers, both before the sale and after.


2020 Breeding Bucks

Oak Hill Rhedd Butler

MGR# C9072

2020 Breeding Does

Oak Hill Queen Bee

MGR# C9079

Oak Hill Nansi

MGR# C9070

Whitmore Farm Carbon Copy

MGR# C2814

Oak Hill Nervous Nellie


MGR# pending

Oak Hill Gizmo x Oak Hill Anna’s Carlotta


2020 Kids – updated photos/video available upon request

Contact us about 2020 kids email: or phone 570.285.5242

Nansi x Rhedd – born January 24, 2020

Buckling. Bumpy polled. Blue eyes.  AVAILABLE wether $200


Oak Hill Arrwen. Doeling. Blue eyes. Polled.
Nellie x Rhedd – born January 29, 2020

SOLD to Sasha Sigetic/Black Locust Livestock & Herbal (USA)

longest running raw goat milk herdshare in Ohio

breeding Brittish Guernsey & Guernsey/Savannah/Myotonic crosses

Buckling.  Horned.  Brown eyes.  SOLD  


Oak Hill Hope. Doeling. Polled. Brown eyes.

Carbon Copy x Rhedd – born January 30, 2020

Oak Hill Maude


Buckling.  Horned.  AVAILABLE $325 See more Oak Hill Clyde video and images here




Queen Bee x Rhedd – born January 31, 2020

Oak Hill Mystie  horned, blue eyes

REFERENCE Oak Hill Honee

More Oak Hill Clyde Images & Video:

gold eyes, horned, should mature to roughly 23″ at the shoulder, heavy cashmere producer, linebred/high percent inbreeding to select for best traits



More Oak Hill Eric Images & Video:

gold eyes, polled, should mature to roughly 23″ at the shoulder, lovely red roan coloring, wether


Interested in Clyde or Eric? Contact us to purchase email: or phone 570.285.5242

Myotonic goats have a very distinctive breed type that is based mostly on head and body conformation. They also have a muscle condition called myotonia congenita. This inherited trait leads to an overall increase in muscle mass so that the goats are very muscular when compared to other breeds of similar size. This trait is so distinctive that it is easy to confuse the trait with the breed. However, the Myotonic goat is much more than just a myotonic condition; it has a host of other consistent traits that are very important and need to be conserved for future generations.

Several important characteristics are typical of the breed:

  1. Docile temperament
  2. Myotonia congenita leading to stiffness and muscularity
  3. Abundance of high quality muscle
  4. Good adaptation to low-input forage-based feeding systems
  5. Genetic distance from other breeds such that crossbreeding yields great hybrid vigor.

Some general points about our herd and sales

The down payment on bucklings that will be wethered at buyer’s request is 100% of their cost, and is nonrefundable unless the goat would sicken or die while at Barakah Heritage Farm.  Bucklings will not be wethered without the full down payment.

The price of the goat includes registration certificates OR signed application with MGR.

Kids can be picked up at three months of age or later.  We do this for their social development.

Our kids are dam-raised.  We do not sell bottle babies.  Kids may be shy at first.

We maintain a closed herd and currently have no known health problems. Nevertheless, we do not guarantee our goats are CAE/Johnes/CL free or free of any other diseases or health problems.  We CAN guarantee that all parents were tested and negative in the calendar year of your purchase, and the testing certificate is posted publicly on our website and Facebook page.  Some diseases can lurk and not show up on tests, and it is difficult to entirely remove transmission risk on any farm that has outside vehicles/visitors or wildlife coming and going.

Goats are herd animals and will be very unhappy if you just have one; they need the company of their own kind. Because we care about our goats, we will not sell just one goat to anyone unless they already have goats.

Males are neutered (wethered) using a burdizzo, which causes the testicles to atrophy.  Sterility is within days.  However full atrophy may take 3 months and the wether will retain a small scrotum for life.

Fainting behavior (myotonia) varies by diet, weather and other factors.  Barakah Heritage Farm does not guarantee the frequency/intensity of fainting (myotonia).  If fainting pictures are available for a specific goat, copies will be provided to the buyer.  MGR will accept goats with the degree of myotonia varying from no obvious myotonia to mild stiffening to frequent full fainting, provided other characteristics are consistent with the breed standard.

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