Barakah Heritage Farm

Bunnies are coming to Barakah Heritage Farm!

We get a lot of young visitors here at the farm, and sometimes the educational tours are a bit much for those young attention spans.  Not to mention the goats are as big as the children, which can be intimidating.

And that was how the idea for Bunnyville came about.

Bunnyville is our new rabbit village, designed just for our young visitors, but still interesting for the young-at-heart of any age.

We first added a clan of very friendly pet Lionhead rabbits and their buddy a Mini Rex Lionhead cross.  We chose Lionheads for their adorable faces and very cuddly natures.

Next we have plans to add a very rare old heritage breed called Checkered Giant.

The village is under construction, and our goal is to be open by Memorial Day, God willing.

Add some gorgeous heritage bunnies to your family

Contact us for details

Email or phone/text 570.285.5242 for more information about our goats.

Zoom bunnies are here!

Liven up your meeting or gathering with one of our rabbits

Our bunnies can join your family gathering or work meeting.

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