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Tour of A Front Yard Edible Mini Food Forest In Denver Colorado | GMO Gotta Go

Here’s a quick tour of a no till permaculture garden using sheet mulch after being established for 3 years. I forgot to show the Sea Kale (perennial), Banana Yucca (perennial) and Siberian Pea Shrub (perennial nitrogen fixer) that work well here in Denver. The garden is watered with a drip system (about $350 to set up – I already had a sprinkler system installed).

I used local fresh manure, cardboard, newspaper and free wood chips from XCEL to get the majority of sheet mulch built. I now use “natural fines” mulch from a local landscaping company to add to the top of the sheet mulch in the spring.

I also added rock dust this year which I believe is helping with the pests (aphids) that I struggled with last year. I did weed the tree of heaven sprouts and bindweed earlier in the season to keep it under control. Weeds are fine to leave in if you wish, but very easy to pull out of the deep mulch. Check it out below…

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On – 10 Oct, 2017 By GMO Gotta Go

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