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Learn how to make cold brew coffee and you will never have to drop two dollars per cup of coffee again. Find out how to make cold brew coffee easily with this straightforward guide!

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee Easy And Pocket-Friendly

Learning how to make cold brew coffee is a recent hobby I got into. I was intrigued by this latest trend in making coffee, a craze even got coffee shops bought into. You see, coffee has some dirty little secrets, but they’re all coming out in the open now. Apparently, cold brew coffee is 67% less acidic than hot brewed coffee, and less acidic means better tasting. Best of all, it’s easy to make, you’ll laugh at yourself for buying expensive coffee when you can make a better cup at home. So let’s save the chitchat for later and learn how to make cold brew coffee now!


Let’s Get Started!

What You Need:

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee | How To Make Cold Brew Coffee | Homesteading 101
Before we get into to cold brewing coffee, you have to understand that this isn’t simply making coffee cold by putting ice cubes or putting it in the refrigerator. This is a process where no heat is applied, and you will find out more about it as you read on.

Step 1. Ratio

Ratio | How To Make Cold Brew Coffee | Homesteading 101
First is to put coffee into the French press. Next is to pour bottled water at room temperature over the coffee grinds gently. If you have really good tap water at home you can also use that. Make sure you get all the grounds nice and wet.

Step 2. Mix

Mix | How To Make Cold Brew Coffee | Homesteading 101
Now, get a large spoon and use the edge of the handle to poke around the container or the French press. This will allow all the coffee grinds to absorb water.

You’ve probably heard other coffee makers before suggest putting the mixture in the refrigerator. Well, I say don’t, but simply cover the mixture in your press with the cap or press and leave it at a room temperature. If it gets too cold it won’t dissolve enough of the coffee and will have a weak flavor.

Step 3. Press


The next thing we do is to wait for 12 to 13 hours. Perhaps you can work this out overnight so you can enjoy it in the morning. Steeping coffee in the water this long will allow the coffee flavors to dissolve in cold water naturally. So after 12 hours, you simply plunge the press gently to separate the steeped liquid from the coffee grinds.

There are a couple of things you would want to learn more about cold brew coffee. One, is you’re going to get a bit more caffeine than you would normally get in a regular brewed coffee. Heating, as you know, applies a change in temperature which changes the taste and takes out most of the natural flavor. Two,  it leaves off the acidity that comes when heat is applied to coffee. This cold brewing process, therefore, makes coffee easier on the stomach.

Step 4. Store

Store | How To Make Cold Brew Coffee | Homesteading 101
You wouldn’t want to store the cold brew coffee in the French press. What you need to do is to get a separate container with a cover and empty the cold brew coffee into the container. This time, you may keep and store the finished cold brew coffee in the fridge, and you may store it for as long as two weeks. You can also make many of your favorite coffee recipes with it.

Step 5. Enjoy!

Enjoy | How To Make Cold Brew Coffee | Homesteading 101
You will see that your cold brew coffee is nice and thick, and full of flavor. Pour yourself a cup, store the rest in the fridge, and experience a smoother, less bitter, better-tasting and -smelling coffee. You can also enjoy a huge amount of caffeine, but without the acidic stomach. You can still add a bit of sugar or milk, or enjoy it as is!


Follow the easy step-by-step guide on how to make cold brew coffee in this video:

Now you know how to make cold brew coffee the coffee shop way. If you’re the can’t-live-without-coffee type, you’ll love this brewed coffee version better. Learn how to make cold brew coffee and you’ll be enjoying the best kind of coffee anytime, at an outrageously low price!

How did you find this how-to guide? Will you give this guide on how to make cold brew coffee a try? Tell us all about it in your comments!

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