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Farming Ranching Agriculture T-Post Fence Clip Hand Tool

Just $18.99 – (Shipping included) U.S. only

The Clip bender is a hand tool used for securing T-Post Fence Clips.
Not only can you secure one side of the clip, you can easily secure
the other side with the hole provided in the bit. With it’s unique design,
the Clip Bender is without a doubt the best tool for the job.
Over 51,000 have been sold in the U.S.
Saves time and money!
It is made of 100% steel and has a comfortable rubber handle grip.
Complete instructions are listed on the back of the package.
Handle length – 6.5″
Bit length – 2.5″
It’s quick and very easy to use!
To find a dealer, get pricing or for more information please visit our website:


The Clip Bender is patented & made in the USA

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