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This blade is without a doubt the best farm tool I have. It clears brush, delimbs trees, digs through the dirt, and can even “process” wood.

The main features of this blade are:

1) A steep hand forged taper near the handle, this is the axe cutting blade.
2) A shallow hand forged taper at the tip, this is debarking pull blade, also handles light brush well.
3) the 90″ inset blade, this is the crutch, beware getting caught inside this hook. This is also the baton point, and the curved blade does allow very clean lumber processing.
4) the hammerhead tip, for smashing, or also using as hammer point.

Hopefully in your ‘survival’ fantasy, you also include the idea that to survive, mankind has farmed… For thousands of years. This is how mankind has survived.

Some footage not available in this video is the ‘debarking’ process. This blade also excels at that job, excels so well that I can’t think of a better tool for the job.

You can see more pictures here:

*Update, this item is sold. I’m still making new Pra customs, as of 11/2012 customs for order include Northerner Pras, Samreng Ditch Bank Blades, and lightweight Narong grass cutters.

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