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REARING RABBITS, CHICKENS, DUCKS & GEESEA Comprehensive Introduction to rearing 4 of the most popular animals to be found around the Homestead or farmyard, with this bundle of 4 books in one.Offered here at a Huge Discount on the individual book price.BOOK 1 – REARING RABBITS1 – Choosing Your Rabbits: With so many rabbits to…;

A Comprehensive Introduction to rearing 4 of the most popular animals to be found around the Homestead or farmyard, with this bundle of 4 books in one.
Offered here at a Huge Discount on the individual book price.

1 – Choosing Your Rabbits: With so many rabbits to choose from how do you know what is best for you and your particular plans? Here you will find a selection of the most popular rabbit breeds., whether choosing your rabbits for the best meat production, pelts or indeed as pets!
2 – Caring For Rabbits: If you want to get the best out of any livestock, then you must know how to care for them properly. Invaluable information on how to feed and care for your rabbits for best results.
3 – Costs & Considerations: How much does it cost to set up at rabbitry, and what could be the profitability of such an exercise?
Case study to look at the possible costs and profitability of breeding rabbits, looked at from a commercial and domestic viewpoint. Subjects covered include the numbers to be expected over a 1 year period, as well as start-up costs for 1 Buck and 3 Does using the New Zealand White rabbit a an example.
4 – Killing & Butchering: If you are raising your animals for meat, then information on how to dispatch your rabbit cleanly and efficiently is absolutely essential. Here are details on just how to achieve this with minimal stress to the animal, as well as how to dress or prepare the carcase.
5 – Glossary of Terms: A selection of over 60 popular terms used amongst rabbit breeders. Do you know what Binky means? Or perhaps what to do if your rabbit is Kindling? Check out these and other important terms here.
6 – Rabbit & Game Recipes! A selection of tasty rabbit and game recipes courtesy of F. A Paris from her excellent slow Cooking book “Slow Cooking Heaven.’

1 – Duck Care: How to care for your ducks to ensure healthy birds, including shelter, feeding and caring for goslings.
2 – Duck Breeds: A selection of the most popular breeds to keep whether for meat or for eggs. Including popular bantam duck breeds.
3 – Duck Preparation: How to prepare you duck for the table or for sale.
4 – Duck Recipes! Last but not least, A selection of tasty duck recipes courtesy of F. A. Paris from the ‘Slow Cooking Heaven’ recipe book.

1 – Caring For Your Geese: How to make sure your animals prosper from gosling stage to full adult, with instructions on proper shelter, feeding routines and health issues.
2 – Keeping Your Animals Healthy: How to be sure that you stay ahead of any potential health problems, and what to do if your animal becomes sick for any reason.
3 – Preparing For The Table: If you are rearing geese for the table then this is an essential piece of information to have. Includes instructions on how to dispatch your animals as humanely as possible, and how to prepare the bird for the table. Includes instructions on the best methods for plucking, cleaning and cooking your goose.

1. A glossary of 30 terms relating to the keeping of poultry, that will ensure you of a basic understanding as to what it is all about.
2. Keeping chickens for eggs or meat? This is a list of ten of the most popular chicken breeds along with a brief description of the birds and whether they are most suitable for egg production or for the meat.
3. Should you have a static chicken coop, or a chicken tractor – and what is the difference anyway? This is a simple look at what your chicken shed requirements may be, and how to choose the best hut for your hens.
4. Chicken feed – This section will show you what to feed your poultry during the different stages of growth, from baby chick ,to point-of-lay pullet, to full production egg-laying chicken.
5. Dressing Your Chicken. This is all about how to dispatch your chicken humanely and how to prepare the bird for the table – complete with picture

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