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Horseback Riding Trail Rides At Ricketts Glen State Park Pennsylvania

Ricketts Glen State Park is one of the most scenic areas in Pennsylvania. This large park is comprised of 13,193 acres in Luzerne, Sullivan, and Columbia counties.  The park is open every day of the year, sunrise to sunset. Day use areas close at sunset.  Contact the park office for facility seasons and hours.

Ricketts Glen State Park has trails for horseback riding.  Please note these trails may not be used by riders using hired/rented horses, so Barakah Heritage Farm does not take guests to Ricketts Glen for horseback riding trail rides.  We do however offer conscious horsemanship guided trail rides here at the farm on our scenic trails.

According to DCNR, riders may enjoy taking a 12.5-mile loop by riding:

Cherry Run Trail
Mountain Springs Road
Mountain Springs Trail
Sights to see include:

Old railroad grades
Dry lake bed of Mountain Springs Lake (formerly used to make ice)
Old concrete dam once used to hold back Lake Leigh (now a dry lake)

About Cherry Run Trail:
4.6 miles

Near the Lake Leigh dam is access to Cherry Run Trail, where riders will pass through groves of cherry trees and view evidence of the old logging railroads that passed through this area more than 100 years ago. Riders can connect to Mountain Springs Trail by traveling 3.5 miles on Mountain Springs Road.

About Mountain Springs Trail:
4 miles

Heading off of the beaten path, this trail takes riders on a four-mile hike past the old Lake Leigh Dam and down the south branch of Bowmans Creek to the former Mountain Springs Lake, which is now a dry lake bed. Riders can connect to Cherry Run Trail by traveling 3.5 miles on Mountain Springs Road.

See full article “Horseback Riding at Ricketts Glen State Park” here.

If you don’t have your own horse to take to Ricketts Glen, come see us at Barakah Heritage Farm.  We offer conscious horsemanship guided trail rides on our scenic trails, with view of the mountains near Ricketts Glen.

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