Volunteer, Employment, and/or Partnership Opportunities

Barakah Heritage Farm
Purposeful. Practical. Preservation.

Why that name?

Barakah Heritage Farm believes in preserving the heritage livestock breeds and heirloom plants whenever possible. Barakah Farm is also the home of the Malabar Jilfan Sitam al Bulad Arabian Horse Preservation Program, as well as the Horse Heroes program for our teacher horses and donkey.  We offer a variety of learning experiences such as short and long term volunteer positions, apprenticeships and even working business partnerships.
Current horse apprenticeship opportunity! Work with critically endangered Arabians plus other breeds.  Email us for details about this unique opportunity.

Your hosts are experienced homesteaders, entrepreneurs, and published authors. The farm is home to three of a critically endangered Arabian horse bloodline. Volunteer workers have the opportunity to learn holistic equine health methods and ride and train using conscious horsemanship, with both our rare Arabians and our other rescue horses.

We are a chemical-free sustainable agriculture farm on fifty acres, specializing in preservation of heritage breeds. Currently working with Tennessee Fainting Goats and critically endangered foundation Arabian horses. Also poultry.

We are looking for motivated helpers and potential partners to help us grow various enterprises related to sustainability and home-based businesses. We offer the opportunity to learn about:
-natural horse care and conscious horsemanship (free will) training
-permaculture & agroecology
-alternative therapies and wellness
-agritourism & heritage rare breed preservation
-holistic farming techniques
-sustainable profitable farm-related small business development

As part of our stewardship of a breeding herd of rare horses, we are starting our pasture conversion to our unique business model that hybridizes intensive grazing, winter stockpiling, and multi-use walking/mountain biking/horse self-exercise paths. We are looking for people that would like to work side-by-side with us, learning while developing that system.

Our last helpers brought their own camper and hooked up to the electricity at the barn and reported that they were happy with the setup. The housing options we currently provide are:

  • camp with an outdoor hot shower and portable toilet
  • bring your own camper or tent
  • stay in the Glamping Loft during off-peak/unscheduled times

We have 2 future housing options in the works:

  • Planned (renovations partly complete) 240 square foot rustic semi-furnished efficiency space with electricity, toilet and sleeping loft attached to the barn.  (Space is currently insulated, drywalled and wired)
  • 24 foot tow-behind trailer

Seasonal produce and eggs.


Available.  Typical speed 2 MBPS.

Local income options:

We are 40 minutes from I80, the major highway corridor to New York City.  There are numerous industries in the area that are considered essential and still operating and hiring.

Online work is an option, within the limitations of WiFi and mobile internet service.

Local recreation/activities:

Covid19 Update:  Parks and attractions are opening with safety restrictions on May 22.  We suggest you call ahead to each attraction or check their website.
Near Ricketts Glen waterfalls, Worlds End State Park and Frances Slocum and numerous state parks and gamelands
Nearby hunting (no hunting on property)
Incredibly scenic area
Swimming/fishing/boating pond on site.
Only 4 hours from New York City, Washington DC and Philadelphia, 2 hours from Hershey and 3 hours from Lancaster
Near Knoebel’s Resort, America’s largest free admission amusement park

Additional perks & tidbits:

We can also offer you gardening space or space for your own farm endeavors.

Bring your horse(s).

Cats welcome (However, you will need to figure out a pen for their safety), dogs negotiable (we have a working livestock guardian dog on site, doesn’t play well with others).

For applicants from outside the USA:

You must EITHER have a VISA and be in the USA already OR have a VISA and the ability to travel to the USA without our assistance.

How to get here:
Closest airport is Wilkes-Barre 45 minutes away, which serves several major airlines
Minimal public local transportation (Uber?)

4-wheel or all-wheel drive necessary in winter

Steps to apply for long-term positions or partnerships:
1) Message us
2)schedule skype or whatsapp meeting
3)live meeting plus farm tour if possible to discuss details and make final decision

Partner with us:

Partnership and profit-sharing opportunities, both seasonal and long-term.   Please email us to discuss.

Currently seeking partners for:

a duck egg production program (and/or chicken)

camping & glamping hosting

horse activities, tours, trail rides

heritage sheep

artisan goat milk (sheep milk?) projects

a cut flower/herb garden

virtual farm tours and classes

We are open to ideas – email us to discuss further possibilities.


No positions currently available.

Long-term Volunteer (1 month minimum stay)

Please see our listing at Helpx to apply

Weekend or Short-term Volunteers

Covid19 update:  We are accepting short-term volunteers beginning May 8

We will house you in our Hipcamp or AirBnB housing or semi-furnished efficiency and in exchange you agree to work for a couple hours daily on various farm projects.  We will coordinate projects with you to make sure you are comfortable with the type of work.  You will have plenty of free time left each day to explore local hiking or other activities.

For weekend and short-term volunteers, we offer the campsites for free or the Glamping Loft free Monday – Thursday night and half-price weekends.

For short-term volunteers on their first training visit, you would work on projects with us and then independently for no more than half the day. The work offsets the cost of your housing. We do not provide meals, though seasonally, there may be garden produce and/or eggs to share with you. The rest of the day is yours to play, go hiking etc.  If you already have farm and/or livestock skills, we get you started and then turn you loose to work.  If you don’t already have farm or livestock skills, we put you into our training program, one of two education paths offered here.

Education at Barakah Farm:

Covid19 update:  On site classes scheduled to reopen May 22.

There are 2 different educational paths at Barakah Farm.

Path one is for folks that want to learn intensively and then take that information home to use, but don’t plan to become regular helpers at the farm. These intensive classes are formally organized and typically take a day or weekend, and there is a tuition fee (we are open to barter).

Path two is for volunteers that want to learn and then become a regular part of our farm team. We don’t offer the condensed classes to volunteer workers, unless a class is already scheduled with paid attendees (you can audit these) but do train you and teach you so that on your return visits you can function independently as a member of the farm team. You work and get mini-classes as each topic comes up. We don’t pack in as much detail daily, but you ultimately end of with more information, and the ability to apply it. You learn while working alongside us. We work and learn in the mornings before lunchtime, and then resume again for early evening chores, so your work and learning time would be breakfast until lunch and then optionally in the early evening. In general, regular repeat volunteers are given much greater freedom on booking dates, and more unsupervised time to enjoy the livestock. For example, long term horse volunteers with riding skills are usually offered the opportunity to take horses out for rides.



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