• Thriving Backyard Food Forest, 5th Year Suburban Permaculture Garden

    The Backyard Permaculture Food Forest is now producing hazelnuts, grapes, european pear, asian pear, raspberries, strawberries, eggplants, and the list goes on and on!! Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/thepermaculturgarden?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/james.prigioni LAWN TO HIGH PRODUCTION FOOD FOREST: https://youtu.be/7ByAh_0CIW8 CUCUMBERS, Everything You Need To…

  • Abundant Permaculture Forest Garden (25 Years Old)

    This Forest Garden is only a third of an acre, however when you walk through it you are surrounded by an abundance of diversity and food. The Forest Garden was created by Tim and Maddy Harland who founded Permaculture Magazine…

  • Edible Forest Gardens (2 volume set)

    Edible Forest Gardens (2 volume set)

    Edible Forest Gardens is a groundbreaking two-volume work that spells out and explores the key concepts of forest ecology and applies them to the needs of natural gardeners in temperate climates. Volume I lays out the vision of the forest…

  • Farming Simulator 17 Mods – Volvo EC300E Excavator and Tools

    Farming Simulator 17 Mods – Volvo EC300E Excavator and Tools

    Farming Simulator 17, Volvo EC300E Excavator and Tools http://www.farming-simulator.com/index.php?lang=en _________________________________________________________________ My Game Store https://www.mmoga.de/?ref=22165&Partner=DerTransportgigant Tipeee Donate https://www.tipeeestream.com/kamyak99/donation _________________________________________________________________ Volvo EC300E Excavator and tools https://www.modland.net/farming-simulator-2017-mods/forklifts-excavators/volvo-300e-and-tools.html Volvo Bucket http://farmingmods2017.com/volvo-thumb-bucket-v1/ Light Addon https://www.farming-simulator.com/mod.php?lang=en&country=us&mod_id=53564 FDR Logging Map http://www.modland.net/farming-simulator-2017-mods/forklifts-excavators/fdr-logging-pacific-inlet-logging-map-[v1].html Map Old Streams https://www.modhoster.com/mods/old-streams-map-fs17

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