• Permaculture Design Simplicity! Visiting Paul & Melanie’s Organic Farm!

    You will love visiting Paul and Melanie's beautiful & simple permaculture design farm in Tennessee. If you are interested in learning about permaculture gardening & how to grow organic food using natural methods then tune in to this video! -----------------------------…

  • Purple Pear Biodynamic Permaculture Farm Tour

    A tour of Purple Pear Farm in New South Wales, Australia, a permaculture and biodynamic farm with rotating tractor domes over mandala garden beds, pigs, chooks and some great philosophy. Mark and Kate run a small CSA (community supported agriculture)…

  • $100 for ONE Acre Permaculture Homestead

    What if you don't have money for your own homestead right now? Paul has created multiple programs and levels to allow people to experience homesteading and permaculture...some donate time and labor while others buy or rent their plot. What can…

  • Introduction to permaculture

    In this first film, we are going to take a short tour of the farm and tell you a little bit about the farm story. You will find more about Perrine and Charles' quest at Le Bec Hellouin farm in…



    My husband decided to use a wall in the shed down by our barn to display all the old farm tools that he had accumulated through the years. The old tools were just laying all over the place and rusting,…

  • The Farmer’s Tool Box

    The Farmer’s Tool Box

    As a free-range farmer there are many tools I carry with me daily. Here are just a few.

  • TALKING TOOLS with Jonathan Dysinger of Farmer’s Friend LLC

    TALKING TOOLS with Jonathan Dysinger of Farmer’s Friend LLC

    Talking about tools with the creator of the Quick Cut Greens Harvester, Jonathan Dysinger. SUB: http://bit.ly/2d7dQgd POPULAR VIDEOS: http://bit.ly/2cmcFLe ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ CLICK “SHOW MORE” FOR RESOURCES ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Harvester here: http://bit.ly/1W3nLGb Caterpillar Tunnel here: http://bit.ly/2gItRNf 1 Day Workshop: http://bit.ly/2cziu7v Donate: http://theurbanfarmer.co/support/ My…

  • COA: Old Farm Tools Part II

    COA: Old Farm Tools Part II

    Paul heads down to the Ipswich Heard House and gets a lesson on old farm tools from Jake Burridge & Jim Giannakakis.

  • Aranyik Heavy Cutting Pra – Farming Tool

    Aranyik Heavy Cutting Pra – Farming Tool

    This blade is without a doubt the best farm tool I have. It clears brush, delimbs trees, digs through the dirt, and can even "process" wood. The main features of this blade are: 1) A steep hand forged taper near…

  • Farming with Only Hand Tools

    Farming with Only Hand Tools

    Adam and Sarah Mancino work exclusively with hand tools, using hoop houses to raise greens and root vegetables in the colder months and sustainable practices to grow heirloom tomatoes and sweet peppers in the summer. All this at Farm Beach…

  • Handmade Tools Make Simple Work at Inspiration Farm

    Handmade Tools Make Simple Work at Inspiration Farm

    Watch Brian Kerkvliet cut thick grasses easily and quickly with his hand-built scythe — a far cry from a noisy weed whacker! He demonstrates three tools whose design he has honed over the years: the scythe, grass rake and U-…

  • Multi purpose Farm tool

    Multi purpose Farm tool

    Links to design are available at the following URL http://zbnfnotes.blogspot.in/2016/09/multipurposefarmtool.html

  • Introducing Simple Farm Tools

    Introducing Simple Farm Tools

    Rural Livelihood Development Programme's initiative in rice sub sector includes introducing simple farm tools that ease the field taks. Here are simple farm tools for both women and men rice farmers. These tools can be easily fabricated by local fabricators…

  • Amazing Homemade Inventions 2016 #20 ★ Farm Tools

    Amazing Homemade Inventions 2016 #20 ★ Farm Tools

    Amazing Homemade Inventions 2016 #20 ★ Farm Tools The Most Amazing Homemade Inventions 2016 #Homemade, #inventions, #handmade, #amazinghomemade, #homemade2016, #farmtools ★ If you enjoy this video and want to get more videos with me, Please kindly help subscribe my Channel.…

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