$100 for ONE Acre Permaculture Homestead

What if you don’t have money for your own homestead right now? Paul has created multiple programs and levels to allow people to experience homesteading and permaculture…some donate time and labor while others buy or rent their plot. What can you offer? The terms for those programs are ‘boots’, ‘ants’, ‘gappers’, and ‘deep roots’. If you are curious about those programs they are at http://www.permies.com. If you want to know more about permaculture go to the link below for the live PDC event.

Paul Wheaton’s Live PDC

gapper program 2.0 – https://permies.com/t/46350/labs/gapper-program

Ant village is explained here: https://permies.com/t/44793/labs/ant-village

Solar Leviathan (large solar cart) – https://permies.com/t/36943/labs/solar-leviathan

Allerton Abbey (wofati 0.7) – https://permies.com/t/26205/wofati-earth-berm/wofati-allerton-abbey-version

Solar Voltswagon (solar cart) – https://permies.com/t/28774/labs/Solar-Voltswagon

The Tipi – https://permies.com/t/29327/labs/RMH-Tipi

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