Goat “Dibs”

As a wonderful young friend of the farm first said – YOU can call “dibs” on a goat!

For only $15/month call “dibs” and claim your favorite goat.   You will receive a “Dibs-tificate” and a special customized gift featuring your goat when you visit, and the fun of telling your friends that you claimed one of the fainting goats at Barakah Heritage Farm.

Calling “dibs” is quite simple and benefits both you or your business and the goats that live at Barakah Farm.

Multiple people may call “dibs” on the same goat, and no ownership rights are conferred by this process. All goats remain in the care and custody of Oak Hill Fainting Goats/Barakah Farm, but we hope you will visit often! Calling “dibs” on a goat is also a great project for a classroom or school group!

Simply click on any of the goats pictured to make your selection in our store. Once we have received your payment(s) and necessary information, your promotional materials will be placed on the Barakah Heritage Farm social media platforms and your rewards will be sent.

Businesses, please note:  If you are a business calling “dibs”, you may be able to claim your payment as an advertising expense.  Please check with your accountant to confirm.


Do you have a goat lover in your family?  Call “dibs” and gift them the claim!  Recipient receives a frame-able Dibs-tificate and gift featuring their goat (contact us to arrange shipping).


These are the goats available for “dibs” at Barakah Heritage Farm:  
Queen Bee
(tiny but mighty)
(master of trouble and goat muggings)
Carbon Copy
(kind and calm)

Nervous Nellie

(the name says it all…)

(got treats?)

(born on a misty day, her horns are just for show)
(we truly hoped she’d be less nervous than mom Nellie)
(a copy of Copy)


(as sweet as her name, daughter of Bee)

(invader of feed barrels and mugger-in-training)
Folks who have called “dibs” and claimed a goat:
Gardenography By Kris is the official independent photographer of Barakah Heritage Farm and East West Equestrian Arts.
Her work is available for sale at ViewBugAdobe Stock, and ShutterStock
Kris has chosen to sponsor all of the horses and goats equally with her work.
Helping since 2017
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